Delegates of GDCE led by H.E. Dr. Kun Nhem, General Director of Customs and Excise, attended bilateral meeting with Thailand’s customs administration which was held on 11-12 February, 2016 in Hunhin province of Thailand with the aim of strengthening co-operation and reciprocal supports in customs affair. The meeting not only inspect but also discuss matters relevant to customs affair listed in a joint statement of 2nd Cambodia-Thailand minister coalition meeting on “Peach and Prosperity Partnership” which was held in Bangkok on 18-19 December, 2015.11988557_989314764455257_4688260277377549826_n

The meeting agrees on the following crucial elements of the co-operation from both parties:

  • Establish contact point for information exchange between the two administrations
  • Assign customs officials to take part in national task-working group or coalition task-working group for preparing new international checkpoint Steoung Bat-Nong Earn, specifically, the implementation of Single Stop Inspection and Common Control Area, which is in compliant with Mekong Sub-region agreement
  • Prepare human resource and procedures for managing goods and traveler by train (in response to railway project to connect Phnom Penh to Bangkok at the end of 2016). Thailand counterpart has also shared some experience with goods and traveler management between Thailand and Malaysia
  • Encourage cooperation on establishment and implementation of Best Traders Incentives program and Authorized Economic Operators in order to deliver special treatment to facilitate trades and businesses
  • Strengthen cooperation to prevent and suppress smuggling, especially transit goods management (goods imported to Cambodia by Thailand’s transit protocol)
  • For agricultural sector, both parties have agreed upon convening a joint meeting between customs administration and relevant authority of both counties to further discuss the matter. At the same time, Thai counterpart has also agreed on Cambodia’s proposal to facilitate Cambodian agricultural products to third country through Thailand
  • Agree on convening the meeting regularly on the basis of GDCE as well as local units along the border of both countries.

In the context of strengthening and improving meeting to be closer and more efficient, both parties have concurred to draft MoU on “bilateral cooperation and mutual support on customs affair” which will be signed on the next meeting of ASEAN customs general director meeting on 25th – 27th May 2016 in Phnom Penh. According to alphabetical order, GDCE of Cambodia will chair ASEAN customs general director meeting in 2016.6709_989314761121924_582664937433297034_n

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