Reference Regulations

  • Prakas No 452 MEF dated April 2013 on High Compliant Trader Incentive Mechanism
  • Decision No 278 GDCE Dated 27 February 2014 on Incentive package for the best traders group
  • Decision No 279 GDCE Dated 27 February 2014 on the establishment of best traders management unit
  • Letter No 790 GDCE Dated 13 June 2014 on Incentive treatment’s packages giving for companies which are the best traders

Promotion program for highly compliant traders is part of implementation of trade facilitation policy of the Royal Government of Cambodia. This program has officially been implemented from 23 June 2014 during the ceremony for recognition of best traders group at the GDCE. Up to July 2015 GDCE honors 13 companies as the members of the best trader group. In addition, GDCE will increase members of best trader group and reach to the full implementation of Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) program in accordance with its strategy and work programs on reform and modernization (2014-2018).

Selection Criteria Package for Best Trader Group (BTG)

To become best trader in Cambodia, Trader or relevant person shall have qualification as below:

  • Shall be in Rank 1 of Trade Credibility Management System (TCMS) at the time of applying application.
  • Be legal person with its registered capital not less than 1,000 million Riel.
  • Have never committed serious customs offence in the last 3 years before the time of applying application.
  • Be not in debt of customs duties beyond the deadline or defaults on other debts.
  • Fully implement their obligation to manage documents, accounting books, records and other information related to the import-export in accordance with existing regulations
  • Shall be a member of Authorized Business Community and must be certified by Chair of Authorized Business Community on the financial situation and the compliance of the trader.
  • Shall have a yearly trade volume not less than 2 million US$ and is obliged to report in any forms as determined by the Best Trader Management Unit of the GDCE.

Best Trader Group Member incentive Treatment Package (BTG Member)

For the first step of trial of implementation (Pilot Implement Stage) Best Trader in Cambodia may receive some exemption treatment such as:

  • Provide first priority without following the First-in First-out principle during the time of lodging declaration, inspection of goods or document and releasing goods in the express manner and as soon as possible.
  • Allow to fulfill customs procedure at later time by exempting the provision of security.
  • Exempt the advance verification of customs valuation procedure.
  • Exempt the advance verification of Rule of Origin.
  • Reduce number of Containers to be undergone scanning machine in accordance with the existing regulations not more than 50% of total containers of a shipment consisting of more than one container.
  • Allow to fulfil pre-arrival clearance procedure.
  • Other incentives in the future determined by the GDCE.

Best Trader Group Membership Application

Traders who wish to be member of Best Trader Group must submit all applications to the GDCE in accompany with the following documents:

  • Business Registration Certificate and Company’s by law in company with the list of shareholders at the time of submitting application.
  • Financial statements for the last two years (if required)
  • Letter to certify compliance issued by concerned business communities.
  • Copies of ID card or similar documents of Company’s leaders.
  • Trade Volume of import-export and sale volume in domestic markets for the last year.