Reference Regulations

  • Prakas No. 013 PR.MEF.KR dated February 17th, 1998 on the legal procedure in export-import of foreign currencies

Foreign Currencies Import

There is no limitation on quantity of foreign currencies to be imported into Cambodia by any delegation, traveler, legal individual, and any individual called “representative”. Traveler who imports foreign currencies equivalent to 10,000 USD or over shall lodge customs declaration in accordance with laws and regulations in force and provide the (imported) declaration to customs officer for verification when these foreign currencies are re-exported.

Foreign Currencies Export

Those who wish to export foreign currencies from Cambodia with the value exceeding 10,000 USD or with the value over the declared value when imported shall as for permission from by the National Bank of Cambodia and other competent authorities.

Procedures for Foreign Currencies Export

Traveler who wishes to export foreign currencies shall:

  • Show the customs officers export permit issued by the National Bank of Cambodia.
  • Correctly, fully, and clearly complete the customs declaration.
  • Travel through the route authorized by the competent authorities. Exporting foreign currencies through route other than the authorized one(s) or by a different individual other than the owner is absolutely prohibited.
  • Correctly, fully, and clearly complete in letter in the customs declaration regarding the type and amount of the currencies carried with him/herself, delegated to others, and remitted with aircraft in order to show to customs officer in order to inspect in the customs and excise office.