Reference Regulations

  • Circular No. 007. Dated 29 December 2009 on the management of small size imported and exported goods (Circular continue to comply with Circular No. 009 MEF dated 01 December 2005 on the management of commercial goods imported without trade of the Ministry of Economy and Finance)
    • Export-import customs clearance services on behalf of other individuals can only be done by customs broker in accordance with the provisions chapter 5 of the Law on Customs. Customs Broker can collect service charge from owners of the goods based on their agreement on each actual case.
    • Provide permission for individuals who perform small size exportation and importation with customs value not exceeding 300 USD on some goods including vegetables, fruits and other similar agricultural products which are not in the list of prohibited and restricted goods. Owner of the goods, whether or not has VAT identification number, are able to perfume customs clearance by using summary customs declaration attached with a copy of the Identification card or other similar documents, with a finger print and signing in front of competent customs officer. The same case is applied for small size exportation and importation in order to circulate though out the country including commercial transaction country by just adding customs value of twenty (20) percent on the existing customs valuation customs by competent customs officers at entry check point.