The Customs-Private Sector Partnership Mechanism (CPPM) has been established by Prakas No. 906 MEF dated 9 October 2009 of the Ministry of Economy and Finance in accordance with the high decision of Samdech Akka Moha Sena Padei Techo HUN SEN, Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia, to encourage private sector participation in promoting compliance with law and regulations as well as the effectiveness of trade facilitation in Cambodia. The mechanism was officially launched on 26 January 2010 in order to further enhance fair business and investment climate.

In order to further enhance the effectiveness of this mechanism based on the spirit of close partnership between Customs and Private Sectors, the Ministry of Economy and Finance issued Prakas No. 320 MEF dated 26 March 2015 on Modification of Membership and Functioning of the CPPM by nominating a representative from Private Sector as co-chair of CPPM with the representative from GDCE and the representatives from Private Sectors as co-chairs with the representatives from GDCE for the three working groups respectively. The three working groups are as follows:

  1. Customs-Export Oriented Garment Industry Working Group
  2. Customs-Export Oriented Non-Garment Industry Working Group, and
  3. Customs-Domestic Market Oriented Business Working Group

The CPPM is responsible for coordinating cooperation and mutual understandings between Customs Administration and Private Sector, as well as for resolving all customs related matters at the greatest possible extend before moving to other dispute settlement bodies, or to the Government-Private Sector Forum. This is also an important factor to ensure the effectiveness of the implementation of the RGC’s Trade Facilitation Policy.

In order to implement the CPPM more effectively, it requires a very close cooperation and collaboration between all concerned parties to jointly settle all issues that are the obstacles to promote economic growth in line with the RGC’s policies.

The General Department of Customs and Excise of Cambodia (GDCE) has so far held five meetings of the CPPM. The documents of the CPPM meeting are as follows:

  • Documents of the First and Second CPPM Meeting  (download)
  • Documents of the Third CPPM Meeting  (download)
  • Documents of the Fourth CPPM Meeting  (download)
  • Documents of the Fifth CPPM Meeting  (download)