In the morning of 25th February, 2016, H.E Kun Nhem, general director of customs and excise had an official talk with inspection delegates of Department of Homeland Security of US led by Mr. Joseph P. Galoski, military attaché in Cambodia, and Wildlife Conservation Society led by Mrs. Sarah Brook and Mr. Prak Mony.

Wildlife Conservation Society in Cambodia proclaimed its works in the field of conserving wildlife in Cambodia, especially the prevention and crackdown on the smuggling of wildlife and wildlife products. The organization has monitored closely on implementation of relevant laws and conservation as well as crackdown on wildlife and wildlife products smuggling by relevant authorities of the government with a fruitful result, which includes that of GDCE for the fact that it has an admirable achievement to crackdown on 3008 kilograms of smuggled elephant’s tusk in 2014. The organization representative said that it is on its way to propose a project to perform DNA test to identify the origin of the tusks as well as development of inventory system and to offer support and training to Cambodian officials on this matter. General director of customs and excise also talked about the effort to prevent and crackdown on wildlife smuggling along with good cooperation with forest administration and Cambodia Wildlife Conservation Association. In regard to the 3008-kilogram elephant’s tusk crackdown at Sihanuk Vile seaport, the case is in under juridical procedure, therefore suggestion to deployment of inventory system and DNA test on the tusk requires more involvements for relevant sectors such as GDCE, Forest Administration, prosecutor or court of Sihanuk province and representative from Sihanuk Vile Autonomous Port, said H.E general director.photo_2016-02-26_10-05-42

Mr. Joseph P. Galoski highlighted 2 issues in the discussion. One of which is the suspicion on the smuggling of light weapon and its accessory which are hidden inside used cars and its spare parts in containers from US – through Vietnam – at Bavet International Checkpoint and Sihanuk Vile Autonomous Port. The second issue is that the suspicion on forging origin of goods like cloth hanger which are exported to US and receive tax reduction. Regarding the matter, H.E general director said that only first time did he receive information about weaponry and its accessory smuggling and promise to give full cooperation to prevent this crime. At the same time, H.E general director requested US counterpart to investigate and inspect the goods before its departure from US, and if suspected, prior information shall be provided to Cambodian GDCE for crackdown. For the case of forging cloth hanger origin, H.E general director said that procedures of inspecting exported goods and its key documents are in place and in order to receive tax reduction to importing country customs declaration and certificate of origin are needed. H.E general director pledged to give full cooperation on inspection of this forging origin case.

At the end of the meeting, H.E general director of customs and excise informed US counterpart about multiple attempt import used car tires and used plastic bag from US to Cambodia and requested cooperation from US to prevent the exportation of these prohibited goods. US also requested official letter from GDCE and guarantee to prevent the exportation from US.


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