Customs temporary storage refers to the storage of goods under Customs control in approved premises pending the completion of Customs formalities. Licenses for the operation of a customs temporary storage facility are approved by the Minister of Economy and Finance (Article 43).

Customs bonded warehouses are facilities where goods may be placed for a specified period of time under customs control. Placing goods in customs bonded warehouses suspends the application of the duties, taxes and restrictions for which they are liable. There are three categories of customs bonded warehouses:

  • Public warehouses, which are licensed by the Minister of Economy and Finance, may be operated by any agency of the Royal Government, or by any person. Public warehouses are open to any person who has the right to store the goods in the warehouse.
  • Private warehouses, which are licensed by the Director of Customs, are to be used solely by specified persons to store goods for their own specific uses, including operators of duty free shops.
  • Special warehouses, which are licensed by the Director of Customs, are a type of warehouse for goods which may present a hazard, or could affect the quality of other goods, or could require special storage facilities;

Licenses for customs bonded warehouses will determine conditions for owners and operators including location, construction and layout of premises, and procedures for the control and handling of goods (Article 44).

Goods may remain in customs bonded warehouses for up to two (2) years from the date of registration (Article 46).

In certain circumstances, the MEF may authorize the establishment of customs manufacturing bonded warehouses, for the purpose of processing or manufacturing of goods. Goods accepted in customs manufacturing bonded warehouses are exempt from import duties and taxes (Article 49).

Operations that carry out the processing or refining of crude petroleum or bituminous minerals to obtain petroleum products must be placed under the customs manufacturing bonded warehouse regime (Article 50).