From 26th to 29th April 2015, 9 delegates from General Department of Customs and Excise of Cambodia led by H.E. Dr. Kun Nhim, General Director of Customs and Excise, paid a visit to People’s Republic of China in purpose of exploring and gaining experience regarding to container scanner technology. This study tour was made in response to invitation from government of China by NUCTEC, a company which produces and supplies container scanners to the government of China also donated 8 MT1213LT container scanners to Cambodia in framework of financial aid.photo_2015-04-30_11-03-50

During the visit at office and production line of NUCTEC in Myun, the company’s representative presented their latest container scanner technology capable of determining what’s inside the container also sending pictures of the containers instantly via Internet to computers and mobile phones, and compatibility with ACYCUDA. Moreover, the company itself also showcased another new technology of Cargo Tracking System which uses E-Seals capable of transmitting information via satellite.

Later, delegates of customs of Cambodia also paid a visit to study customs operation at Tianjin Seaport which is the crucial and leading seaport of China located in Tianjin Province, 170km southeast of Beijing. According to 2013 report, export and import activities in this seaport has seen 500 million tons of goods or 13 million container count, which made the seaport to be the 4th in the globe.


There, delegates of customs of Cambodia was warmly welcomed by Chinese customs officials and gained more new experience of customs clearance operation which is fairly busy and involved with advanced technology of container scanner.

Before the end of the study tour, delegates of customs of Cambodia thanked People’s Republic of China and representation of NUCTEC for hospitability as well as warm welcome, and addressed that the visit yield a fruitful outcome which has provided new container scanner technology information also good experience related to customs affair, and this result will be an essential component to set vision of reformation and modernization of customs administration strategy implementation in the future.


The study tour was ended and delegates of customs of Cambodia returned back to the country on 29th April of 2015.

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