From 28th to 29th of March, 2016, delegates of Cambodia customs administration led by H.E Dr. Kun Nhem, General Director of Customs and Excise, paid a visit to Thailand in order to understand Thailand’s goods flow into Cambodia and goods imported to Cambodia through some seaports in Thailand as well as by land transportation to Cambodia.
During the visit, Cambodian delegates met the management and Thai customs officials stationed at Lamchabang seaport, Klong Yai seaport and S.Kittawan seaport which are the main seaport for circulating transit goods to Cambodia. At each port, Cambodia’s customs delegates were given warm welcome, and Thai officials presented general aspect of its customs affair and procedures pertaining to import/export goods and transit goods at the ports. In response, H.E Dr. Kun Nhem expressed appreciation for the welcome and emphasized the importance of import/export goods management by highlighting that Thailand is a crucial commercial partner to Cambodia.
While Thai goods are imported to Cambodia, there have also been other goods from third countries imported to Cambodia through Thailand. In regard to customs transit procedure, H.E General Director asked Thai customs to facilitate Cambodia’s imported goods to third countries via Lamchabang port (transitted) and strengthen management of goods imported to Cambodia as well. In the same way, H.E General Director suggested not to break container seal and transfer goods out of container in Thailand. By doing so, specification, goods quantity and number of container will be retained for proper customs declaration. H.E General Director appointed Mr. Noun Chanrith, Deputy General Director of Customs and Excise as a point of contact to continue carry on this task.12671696_1017494174970649_4056434142792385538_o
It is worth mentioning that bilateral meeting between the two customs administrations in February 2016 in Huhin, Thailand has put forth a draft MoU on “bilateral cooperation and mutual support on customs affairs” which is set to be signed in the meeting of ASEAN general directors on 25-27 Ma, 2016 in Phnom Penh.12891028_1017494141637319_7811229925972456257_o
As invited, Cambodian delegates also paid a visit to headquarter of SCG Trading Co., Ltd and Distribution Center of Siam Kubota Corporation which also has its outlets in Cambodia. Representative of the companies presented general aspect of their history, infrastructure, mission and vision of SCG and its subsidiaries which have 8 companies operating in Cambodia. H.E head of Cambodian delegates also supports the companies which have high compliance and recommends the companies to continue their mutual cooperation with Cambodia customs administration through Customs-Private Sector Partnership Mechanism which consists of 3 task-working group for resolving issues in each sector.

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